In memory of Jennifer Wilson, Scott Gloudemans, and all of our lost friends and family.


NR2003 Series featuring GN55 GNS mod

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Practice Opens:  8:00 PM

Racing Starts:  9:00 PM

Times are EST (GMT -5:00)


Fixed Setup:  gn55.gns.sim





12 December 2018

Race 3


Track by aspec7878, ZiggyM




19 December 2018

Race 4


Track by ZiggyM, Dave Noonan




2 January 2019

Race 5


Track by Rovan75, ZiggyM




9 January 2019

Race 6


Track by Wrangler, Denis Rioux, SteveB, King D.A., Bill Anderson, ZiggyM




Past Events


28 November 2018

Race 1


Track by 0modified, Freew67, Webriviera2000, ZiggyM


5 December 2018

Race 2


Track by ZiggyM, Strtracrz





Darlington (5 Dec) - T Rolon




 Date  Track Laps Results
28 Nov NC State Fair 80 T Rolon
5 Dec Darlington 66 T Rolon
12 Dec Willow Springs 17 TBD
19 Dec Greenville-Pickens 90 TBD
2 Jan Lakewood 60 TBD
9 Jan Daytona Beach 20 TBD




Pos Driver Points
1 T Rolon 116
2 ZiggyM 96
3 T Larkin 78
4 Chargin 59
5 J Rown 47
6 CudaMan340 32
7 B Harrison 17




Past Champions

  2017-'18 Winter Series


  2016-'17 Winter Series

M Henry Jr

  2015-'16 Winter Series

T Larkin

  2014-'15 Winter Series

A Fiorini