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GN63 (Cup) mod from Northwest Racing

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Avus 50s - chassis 1 track.ini

Charlotte_GN60s - ZM edit of charl_70 by Team 78

Bakersfield_1969 - ZM edit of Bakersfield by Team 78

Bristol_60s - ZM edit of Bristol_70 by Wrangler and Rioux

Ona_GN70 - ZM edit of International 70 Night by Omodified

Greenville_GN64 - Greenvil_69 with chassis 1

Daytona_1970lv2 - Classic Iron track & mips

Bridgehampton_GN64 (beta) - ZM edit of Bridgehampton by Dan Olbuck

Atlanta_60s - ZM edit of Atlanta_1970 by Omodified

Darlington_GN64 (beta) - ZM edit of Darlington 70 by Strtracrz

WatGlen_GN64 (beta) - WatGlen67 with chassis 1


Classic Iron Entry List