NASCAR Racing Season 2003 by Papyrus

Must haves (install these before installing any other mods) patch, GNS mod, CTS mod, PWF Cup Damage


Entry List (#'s taken and available)

2013 Entries


Cars, Trucks, Templates and links to mods

Cup90s    Aero88    COT_CTS    COT_Cup    CTS    CTS07    CTS09    Cup    GN63    GN69/70    HoStock    LMv2    TPTCC    SNSC70


Points Racing

Delta Sim Cup - Wednesday night GN69ST League



Download and use at your own risk. Although the files here work fine for me and others, it is your responsibility to backup your original files and make sure all files will work with your system



Sound Collection



ZM_TA70_sounds - for SNSC_GNS or restrictor plate Cup and GNS physics



GN70 Graphics

GN69ST/GN70SS Templates by Bill

70s_Blimp -

DSC Flag man and pit official -


N2003 Setup Help

Aero88 and GN70 setups

GN70 70stock setups using specs from

ZM setups



How to get a track and track.ini for the DSC - Obsolete (tracks are now posted with the DSC track.ini included)

Watkins_Glen_1990 (Delta "backdate") (JR Franklin and Riviera71 edit of Watkins Glen No Loop made by T. Wheatley)

Greenvil_64 full track

Bakersfield_69 full track

Greenvil_69 full track

Springfield_74 full track

sears_US70 full track

Sears Point 1970 (beta) - full track

Bridgehampton_GN64 (beta) - ZM edit of Bridgehampton by Dan Olbuck

Daytona_GN70 (beta) - ZM edit of Daytona_1970v2 by Rioux and Wrangler

Bristol_60s - ZM edit of Bristol_70 by Rioux and Wrangler

Bristol_GN70 - ZM edit of Daytona_1970v2 by Rioux and Wrangler

Ona_GN70 (beta) - ZM edit of International 70 Night by Omodified

Atlanta_60s - ZM edit of Atlanta_1970 by Omodified

Raleigh_RP_v1.0 - by Racer42

Darlington_GN64 (beta) - ZM edit of Darlington 70 by Strtracrz

WatGlen_GN64 (beta) - WatGlen67 with chassis 1




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