Delta Sim Cup Rules

FLAMING and PROFANITY, implied or direct will not be tolerated

 All races have cautions on and there is plenty of time to make up spots, so be patient and HAVE FUN!   Remember that we're all here to have a good time!

1. Actions deemed inappropriate by race control, but not covered in the rules may result in penalties. If you think you shouldn't do it, don't do it. Be considerate of all drivers, and that includes those that may be involved in incidents.
NO FLAMING (that means NO insults, implied or direct) and no intentional wrecking. Intentional wrecking at any time will result in a disqualification and suspension.

2. No passing to the inside before the start/finish line on start/restarts and NO EXCESSIVE SLOWING or brake checks on restarts. All drivers will maintain pace speed on pace laps and must stay behind the car in front of them until the
green drops. If you jump the start you will be penalized.

3. If you have a problem with warp, stay out of the racing line and pit until the connection problems clear up. If you get disconnected, reconnect and rejoin the race. The race WILL NOT be restarted for people who lose their connections, blow up, lose a gear, wreck, etc.

4. Drivers must use the same log in name for each event. Drivers should make sure they have the correct player profile selected before logging in and make sure that they are in the correct car. The server will not be restarted so somebody can get a different car so make sure you bring the right car to the track.

5. Drivers must serve legitimate black flag penalties. Not serving a black flag penalty will result in the game parking you and a DQ. If you try to serve the penalty and it won't clear, let the race admin know.  If it's a bogus black flag, let the admin know and it may be cleared.  If it is determined during the post race review that the black flag is legitimate, you will be penalized 2 laps.  Serve ALL end of the longest line black flags, legit or not.

6. When pitting under
yellow, maintain pace speed and do not pass the pace car or on track leader. Passing the leader or pace car under yellow at the s/f line will result in a 1 lap penalty and loss of any points gained by the pass. Make sure to stay in the outside lane until you are close to your stall. Avoid cutting through another driver's pit stall as best as you can. Cars slowing for their stalls may be passed on the outside. Cars still on the track may pass cars on pit road AFTER the pitting cars get onto pit road. If you pass a car that is on the access road, the game will give you a black flag so give plenty of room and be patient (they are pitting, after all, so there's no need to rush past them).

7. Race back to the line when the yellow flies.  No 'lucky dog' rule but the leader may allow lappers to pass at his/her discretion.

8. Cars on the lead lap are the only cars allowed to pit the first time pits are open under yellow except on road courses. Lapped cars must wait for the second caution lap to pit on ovals. If the yellow comes out with 15 or less laps remaining in the race, lapped cars must drive through the pits the 2nd or 3rd time by to allow the lead lap cars to the front of the single file restart. Any lapped car that fails to pit with 15 or less to go will be given a 1 lap penalty.

9. All drivers must yield to race traffic after green flag pit stops. Merging into race traffic before you are up to speed (cutting somebody off) will result in a 5 point penalty. If you miss your pit stall, you may back up if doing so will not interfere with other drivers (be careful because if you back up too far, the game will DQ you). If you miss the pit entrance, you MUST go around. Causing an incident by backing up on the track will result in a 5 point penalty, probation and/or suspension.

10. Protests must be emailed to Trae00. Protests should include the lap information, drivers involved and a suggested penalty. Driver's filing protests should be ready to submit their replay for review upon request. Drivers are encouraged to discuss any incidents AFTER the race and to exchange replays before filing a protest. Remember rule #1, respect your fellow drivers and try to take car of incidents off the track.

Failure to abide by these rules may result in penalties. Some penalties include:
-Black Flag
-Loss of laps

-Loss of points

Replays will be used to enforce penalties, so make sure to save your replays for the week. Appeals for penalties will be considered until the final race results are posted (usually 7 days).

Point system: 2 systems are used, the DSC system and the 1969 NASCAR system
DSC Points (+ bonuses)                                   1969 NASCAR Points (no bonus points)
1 = 56                                                                1 = 50
2 = 47                                                                2 = 49  
3 = 39                                                                3 = 48
4 = 32                                                                4 = 47 (-1 per position)
5 = 26
6 = 21
7 = 17
8 = 14
9 = 12
10 = 11
11 = 10
12 = 9
13 = 8 (-1 per position down to 1)

DSC Bonus points are cumulative and are awarded as follows:
Lead a Lap = +1
Lead Most Laps = +1

Spring, Summer and Fall Champions will be the drivers that acquire the most points of each round.

Overall Points Champion will be the driver that acquires the most points over the entire year.

Any questions, concerns and zipped car files should be sent to Trae00 at TraeLarkin (at) charter (dot) net.


Have Fun and Thx for Racing!