Delta Sim Cup

Frequently Asked Questions, Answered



Q: Why do you change the weather to match the race day and time track weather instead of running 70 degrees and clear?

A: Different track temperatures make for different races each time we visit a track.


Q: Why do I keep get a "Failed Tech Inspection" message when I try to join the server?

A: You probably don't have the proper track.ini for the track. You must have the track.ini for the track to join the server.  Almost every track has the chassis changed to chassis 5 to get the cars to feel bigger and slower and on bias ply tires.  If you don't have the track.ini installed, you will continue to fail tech inspection until you get it installed.


Q: Why do I get a "Pit Stalls or Pit Parameters" message when I join the server?

A: The server has the pit road speed set high enough that nobody should get a speeding penalty (125, 150, 200, etc.) but the track.ini posted on the schedule has the pit road speed at 70 because the AI like to do weird things when the pit road speed limit is set over 70 and people like to practice offline with the AI so I set it low for the 'offline' files.


Q: The CTS setup I used to blow everyone away at (insert track) doesn't feel the same as it did in my CTS/Aero88/90s/SNSC70/COT_CTS/Hobby_Stock race.  Since the GN70 uses the CTS physics, why aren't my truck setups working the same?

A: All the tracks have the chassis changed to 5 to simulate the big boats and bias ply tires of 1970.  First adjustment should be to make sure the tire pressures are pumped up to around 28/48.  Next adjustment will be your driving line.  You are driving a 3900# stock car  on bias ply tires.


Q: My spotter told me to stay high when I got to a wrecking car that was kicking up all kinds of smoke, but I hit the car anyway. Why did my spotter give me bad advice?

A: When cars wreck, they can change positions quicker than the spotter can keep up with and the spotter is sometimes wrong. Doing a "Days of Thunder" (flooring it through the smoke) will most likely result in hitting the car causing the smoke.


"Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal." - Henry Ford



Pre Race:

Q: I would like to race but I don't want to ruin another driver's run. What should I do?

A: Drive clean, check your mirror, hold your line and HAVE FUN! Being courteous and driving clean is the best way to gain experience, confidence and friends on the track. If you've read the rules and know that you can abide by them, you are welcome to run! Turn on the helpers if your car is too hard to control. Ask for help if you need it. Practice as much as you can before the race and get your car stable.  A stable setup is a key to getting fast. If you have a fast setup that is hard to control, chances are you will be having a short night. The track is up most of the week so run practice.  If it comes to race time and you aren't confident, start in the back and just run behind everyone.  Last resort = park.


Q: The DSC schedule includes many add-on tracks that I donít have. Where can I get them?

A: Add-on tracks can be found by following the links on the DSC schedule.  Make sure to get the track.ini for each track or you WILL fail tech inspection.


Q: Some tracks don't have links or the link is dead.  Where do I get the track?

A: If a link is not working, get on the msg board and post which track link isn't working.  Email somebody on the DSC list if you don't see any response on the msg board.




Q: When is practice?

A: Official practice starts at 7:35 PM Eastern on race night (Wednesday) but the server should be up for practice on Tuesday around the same time. Weather will be set on Tuesday night to the forecasted weather at the track for 2PM track time on race day for day races and for after sundown for night races.


Q: I canít connect to the server! What should I do?!

A: Email ZM ASAP and post a msg at the msg board. Get on TeamSpeak and ask if there is an issue.  Check your email. If the track is the problem and canít be fixed, a replacement track and a new practice will be scheduled. Other problems will be handled on a case by case basis.  Did you get the track from the DSC schedule?  If not, you WILL fail tech inspection.


Drivers Meeting:

Q: When is the Drivers Meeting?

A: Around 9:00 PM Eastern on race night. The race admin may advance or delay the practice session shortly after asking ďAny Questions?Ē depending on how many questions the drivers have, if people lose their connections or other circumstances. Drivers that leave their systems during the meeting may return to find qualifying or the race already in progress.



Q: I arrived during or just after the Drivers Meeting. Do I have to take a provisional?

A: No.


Q: I blew up, am taking a provisional or am done qualifying. Can I chat since I'm done?

A: No. Wait until qualifying is complete before chatting. Until that time other drivers are still qualifying and don't need the distraction.


Happy Hour (5 minutes):

Q: What should I be doing during Warm Up?

A: Make sure to go around the track and hit your pit stall. If you canít hit your pit stall in warm up, you will probably have the same problem during the race, so make sure you can find it. Relieve yourself, get something to drink, meditate, etc.


Q: I missed the starting lineup and am starting on pit road. Can I get a lap added since I was sleeping and missed the green or decided to wait too long to get into my car?

A: No. Warm up is 5 minutes and after warm up, everyone should be Ďstrapped iní and ready to go.



Q: I blew up, wrecked and/or broke something on my car. Will the race be restarted so I will have a new car?

A: No. The DSC has never allowed restarts except when there are server or major issues.  Drive carefully and take care of your equipment.


Q: Why do I have to maintain a constant interval on the pace lap and why can't I hang back and/or 'brake check' the field?

A: Sportsmanship. Maintain pace speed until the green flies. Lagging behind makes for accordion starts and Ďbrake checksí cause crashes and damage.


Q: The car in front didn't go when the green dropped. Can I pass it?

A: You can only pass on the outside before the s/f line so make sure you get to the outside if you are going to pass or you will get a black flag.


Q: I was asleep/blew up during the start and didn't go. There's a car on my bumper and weíre before the s/f line. What should I do?

A: Move low to allow the faster cars the outside passing lane.



Q: I'm done getting work done and there is a car ahead that is pulling out of his stall. Can I pass him?

A: Yes. You may pass to the outside and the order will be set by who gets to the end of pit road first. If your spotter tells you to stay behind somebody, stay behind them unless directed to do otherwise by the race admin..


Q: I'm done getting work done and there is a car coming up behind me at a fast rate of speed. Can I pull in front of him to block?

A: You should allow the faster traffic to use the outside lane (see above for what to do when the car in front of you leaves his/her stall) so keep low as you exit your stall if it's not clear, then merge into the high lane to allow others to exit their stalls.


Q: I pitted before pit road was open and my spotter is telling me to stay behind the #XX car that is way behind me. What should I do?

A: Slow down or stop on the apron to allow the car to pass. You should pit again and allow all the cars to pass you since the penalty for pitting before pit road is open is that you have to go to the end of the longest line. If you don't pit to allow everyone to pass, pull onto the apron to allow everyone to pass you. If you don't start at the back, you will get a stop and go penalty after the green drops.


Q: My car is damaged AND I'm a lap down. Can I pit the first time by even though I'm a lap down?

A: Yes! Just make sure to pit the 2nd time by as well so you can start behind the other lapped cars since you will have gotten a black flag for pitting too soon and will be told to go to the end of the longest line. If the game is telling you to stay behind somebody, stay behind them unless directed to do otherwise by the race admin.


Q: Iím exiting the pits and there is no race traffic in the racing line. Can I merge into the racing line before the backstretch?

A: Merge when it's clear, always yield to race traffic.


Q: I merged into the racing line after my green flag stop and race traffic had to slow to avoid me and/or I caused a wreck. Am I going to be penalized?

A: Yes.


Yellow Flags:

Q: Should I slow and hold my position when the yellow flies?

A: No. Race back to the line.


Q: Iím staying out under yellow. Do I have to slow to make sure I don't pass the cars that are hitting their pit stalls?

A: You should be able to pass the cars that are already on pit road and close with the pace car without getting a black flag after the cars in front of you are on pit road, but you must watch the leader board (F2) and keep pace to insure that you donít get a black flag. If you pass a car before the pit road entrance you may get a black flag, so be patient. There's no reason to be in a hurry to pass people that are pitting since you will be passing them once they are on pit road anyway.


Q: After I hit pit road under yellow, can I pass cars that are slowing for their stalls?

A: Entering pit road all cars should maintain the designated yellow flag entry speed specified in the Drivers Meeting and stay BEHIND the pace car or on track leader. All cars should use the outside lane until close to their stall. Passing may only be done if the car ahead is not maintaining the designated yellow flag entry speed specified in the Drivers Meeting.  On exiting the pits, you can go as fast as you like.


Q: Since my spotter says the pit road speed limit is 70 and the pace speed is 35, can I pass the on track leader so I can get a bonus for leading a lap?

A: No. You must stay behind the on track leader or pace car when entering the pits under yellow. If you do pass the leader while pitting you will lose any bonus points gained by the move and be penalized 1 lap for unsportsmanlike conduct.


Black Flags:

Q: I got a black flag and don't think I deserved it. Will it be cleared?

A: Yes.  If you get a bogus black flag, announce it via chat ("tbbf") and it will be cleared.  If the black flag is found to be legitimate in the post race review, you will lose at least 2 laps.


Q: Why did I get a bogus black flag?

A: We'll know after the replay is reviewed so make sure to save your replay.


Q: I asked for a black flag to be cleared and got a 2 lap penalty because it was found to be legitimate, but I still think it was bogus!  What can I do about it?

A: Save your replay, find the lap you got the black flag on, review it and if you still feel the black flag was bogus, file an appeal, including the replay of the lap and an explanation.



Q: Why are ALL the cars blinking or disappearing?

A: You are warping and need to pit until the connection clears up.


Q: The car in front is warping, what can I do?

A: Each driver should be able to tell when they are warping and take action to correct it. If somebody says you're warping and you aren't seeing everybody blinking in and out and everything is great, it might be that the other driver and your connection aren't seeing each other very well. If you think it's you, it most likely is. If the warp is minor, give extra room, pull to the inside and allow everyone to get around. Run in the back until it clears up and donít try making any bold moves.


Q: What happens to all the positions I lose when I pit because of warp or a dropped connection?

A: You may get most of your laps back, usually -1 lap from what you had when you were disconnected.


Q: What happens if I stay out instead of pitting when Iím warping badly?

A: You may be penalized if you cause a wreck and you may lose the respect of your fellow drivers.


Post Race:

Q: Why should I save the standings at the end of the race and how long do I have to keep them?

A: The winner is required to save and submit the standings after each race so the points can be updated. All drivers are encouraged to save the standings just in case the winner is unable to send them in. They should be kept until the official race results are posted (7 days after the end of the race).


Q: I saved my replay, now what?

A: Keep it until the official results are posted, just in case the race director needs your replay to resolve a dispute, review an appeal, send to another driver, etc. Watch it and see if there's a reason you got that black flag, if that other driver you had contact with warped, if you warped, etc. If you had a good lap, you may wish to submit it and your setup for posting so next race the competition will be that much closer. If you want to make a movie, go for it! Screen shots and movies are welcome!



Remember that we're all here to have a good time so don't be shy about asking for help. If you have a question that's not addressed above, send me an email or post it at the msg board.


Have Fun!