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Entry list, driver and track fast lap replays (click the track abbreviation to download the merged top 5 replay)


Results/Reports Kyalami, Mexico, Monaco, Monza, Mosport, Nurburgring, Spa, Silverstone Rouen, Watkins Glen, Zandvoort 11/21/06
  Road Atlanta, LeMans Sarthe, USGP1960, Monza10k  
Sounds My favorite engines (ZMengines) for Nigel Pattinson's Carsound patch 09/05/06


Lower the detail for higher FPS


Movie by ZM

Mixed Feelings (4:39, 40 MB)

Music: Rush - Vital Signs

GPLEA and 65 mod cars at Monza

DivX5 codec required (get the free d/l here)



ELlap (1:38, 16.5 MB)

Quick little lap around East London in the 66 mod Ferrari with Mybroga Motorsports C division


RingVillaStrangiato (9:00, 101 MB)

Lap around Nurburgring chasing Richardo Werther in the 66 mod Ferrari with Mybroga Motorsports C division

BRM H-16 engine sound BRM H-16 engine sound - I used DucWolf's 65 mod b61.wav, raised the pitch, offset the left and right channels and filtered out some of the static.  It's still got some static that could be cleaned up.

Testing the sound at Zandvoort - BRMtest (15.5 MB)



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Replays LeeRoy gets 8 3/4 rotations at the Glen, Kyalami0909 race 09/11/06

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