Server Information


Race and TeamSpeak3 hostname:


... or connect to DeltaSimRacing

      in the rFactor Server List


TeamSpeak3 P/W: delta

* TeamSpeak is encouraged but not required.


Current IP:

* Subject to change, check message board on race day if you prefer to connect via IP.


Terrain.tdf Mismatch


In the event you have this error, you can find the original file HERE.


Practice Sessions


Practice sessions will be scheduled as time permits.  Please watch the DTAC forum for race and practice announcements!


Race Information


  Practice Opens:  7:30 PM

  Qualifying:  9:00 PM

  Warmup:  9:10 PM

  Race Start:  9:15 PM

 * All times are EST (GMT -5:00) / EDT (GMT -4:00)


Race Settings

  • Virtual Start Time: 1:00 PM

  • Time Scale:  X3

  • Weather:  Sunny

  • Type of Start:  Rolling

  • Race Length:  45min

  • Damage Multiplier:  35%

  • Flag Rules:  Black Only

  • Fuel Usage:  X3

  • Tire Wear:  X3

  • Mech. Failures:  Normal

  • Fixed Setup:  No

  • Fixed Upgrades:  No

  • Pit Speed Limit:  65mph

Driving Aids

  • Invulnerability:  Disallowed

  • Steering Help:  Disallowed

  • Braking Help:  Disallowed

  • Opposite Lock:  Disallowed

  • Spin Recovery:  Disallowed

  • Auto Pit Lane:  Disallowed

  • Stability Control:  Allowed

  • Anti-Lock Brakes:  Allowed

  • Traction Control:  Allowed

  • Auto Shifting:  Allowed

  • Auto Clutch:  Allowed

  • Forced Driving View:  None









2015 Schedule


(click to download)


5 February

by motorfx

1. ZiggyM

2. A Fiorini

3. Trae00

5 March

by motorfx

1. M Henry Jr

2. Doni49

3. ZiggyM

2 April

by philrob

1. Doni49

2. M Henry Jr

3. Trae00

7 May

by Bud Lucas

1. M Henry Jr

2. J Carvalho

3. Doni49

4 June

by motorfx

1. M Henry Jr

2. Doni49

3. Trae00

9 July

by Bud Lucas

1. M Henry Jr

2. Doni49

3. Trae00

6 August

by Neel Jani

1. M Henry Jr

2. Doni49

3. J Carvalho

3 September

by Ewan Chalker

1. M Henry Jr

2. Doni49

3. ZiggyM

1 October

by Virtua_LM

1. M Henry Jr

2. Trae00

3. ZiggyM

5 November

by Bud Lucas

1. M Henry Jr

2. Doni49

3. J Carvalho

rFactor Series

Featuring the Historic GTTC v1.96 mod

Class/Carset:  1-TRANS-AM_02

AMC Javelin  ●  Chevrolet Camaro  ●  Dodge Challenger  ●  Ford Falcon

Ford Mustang  ●  Plymouth Cuda  ●  Pontiac Firebird


Current Entry List


These must be installed on your system in order to race!

* If you would like your car added, email your car files to traelarkin (at) charter (dot) net.


Congrats to

Mike Henry Jr

2015 DTAC Champion!



Final Driver Standings

following the 1972 Trans-Am Driver Championship Point System




Points Wins
1 Mike Henry Jr 175 8
2 Doni49 130 1
3 Trae00 109 0
4 Ziggy Moonglow 72 1
5 C5Volzfan 64 0
6 Jim Carvalho 55 0
7 Paul Maddux 48 0
8 Andre Fiorini 22 0
8 CudaMan340 22 0
10 Bill Harrison 16 0
11 marcus 4 0

Manufacturer Standings



Points Wins
1 Pontiac 84 8
2 Chevrolet 55 1
3 Dodge 38 0
4 Ford 28 1
5 AMC 16 0
6 Plymouth 7 0


General Rules

  1. Have fun!  Delta Sim Racing is focused on having a good time while sharing the common interest of sim racing. No trophies or prizes, just entertainment and bragging rights.

  2. Drivers must use the same car, number, and login name for each event. 

  3. Drive clean and courteous.  I know many of us are casual sim racers and mistakes will happen, but please make every effort to avoid being in the wrong place at the wrong time and we’ll all have a better time.

  4. Be respectful of your fellow drivers.  Flaming, intentional wrecking, and other actions deemed inappropriate by race admins will not be tolerated.  If you think you shouldn’t do it, don’t do it.

  5. On race starts, maintain pace speed until the green flag is given.  Accelerating early, brake checking, or passing before the start/finish line may result in a penalty or ejection from the race.

  6. Obey all flags and penalties.

  7. If you are experiencing Warp, please make every effort to stay out of the way of others.  If the problem is excessive, pit until the problem clears.

  8. We have TeamSpeak3 and chatting for race communication as well as general camaraderie.  But please be courteous and refrain from becoming a distraction.

  9. If you have a protest, contact a race admin with specifics of the incident and we will handle it as we deem appropriate.

  10. If you have questions, feel free to ask during practice sessions or email me at traelarkin (at) charter (dot) net.

I’m a novice at running rFactor races, so please bear with me while I learn-as-we-go.

Suggestions, constructive criticism, and/or gratuitous praise are always accepted.